The heart of iGrowth Studio is to help you achieve a state of wholeness, uncover endless possibilities, and experience personal growth and a sense of meaning. This will position you to positively impact your family, workplace, community, and surroundings You are important, you have a purpose and so much to give.

Coaching as method is used to achieve this. You may also find yourself seeking an answer to the following question: “Why can’t I unlock these unexplored possibilities myself?” Occasionally we can, but we are often blocked by years of negative messages we received from our external surroundings and internal thought patterns. Because of this, we have limited ability to recognise our own capabilities and potential. Coaching is a powerful process to re-build awareness and a practice of reflection, and encourage responsibility. This allows the individual or company to uncover new things about themselves and to start questioning assumptions that are deeply embedded in their beliefs. Once we are aware, we can start to grow and transform. Coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on clients acting toward the realisation of their visions, goals, and desires. (Read more)


Life often throws curve balls at us when we least expect it. This can cause us to give up and lose hope and faith. iGrowth Studio assists those who are “down and out” to realise that second chances are there for the taking. Together we will explore opportunities for a fresh start, create a new beginning for those who have stopped believing, and encourage people to regain hope of a meaningful, fulfilled, and purposeful life and future.

Let’s start the journey… We will support you


  • Am I stuck and confined to a box I’ve created myself?
  • Is my current state of mind and the way I view life, serving me?
  • If I could re-imagine my future, what would it look like?

We journey with you to clarify and understand your current position in life, your desired future and how to bridge this gap. Hurdles that might get in the way of achieving this are addressed.

We journey with you to assess where your business is, to understand and clarify your business goals, to explore and identify possibilities and then to define action plans to bridge the gap.

A process of care and restoration is facilitated by means of support and coaching for people going through a divorce. Imagine a new tomorrow!

A conversation space is created for teams and groups to focus on goal setting, conflict resolution, developing mindfulness around key issues, collaboration, responsibility, and accountability. Team and group coaching build on the untapped wisdom, experience, support and networking amongst employees and peers.

Many people are not finding fulfilment in their careers. We guide you through a process to uncover meaningful and purposeful career possibilities and opportunities for you to live life to the fullest.

Leadership coaching is an individualised, collaborative process in which you discover responses to difficult business and life challenges. Our process challenges current mind-sets, and provides for discovery, goal setting and strategic action planning. The leader's capability to drive change, manage complexity, build teams and to thrive under challenging conditions is improved.

Some individuals battle with the questions: “What is life after retirement?” What about the wealth of skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the years?” Our process uncovers purposeful possibilities and opportunities ensuring that retirement become the best and meaningful days of your life.

We facilitate a process assisting unemployed individuals to connect with new employment opportunities, and to uncover new career possibilities. People affected by retrenchment do not only lose their income and stability, but they also lose hope. They experience a negative impact on their self-esteem, relationships, and innovative thinking. We facilitate a process assisting you to uncover new career possibilities and thus brining you closer to your true north and purpose.

“Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning life has no significance or hope”

Rick Warren


“The first time I met Peter was during a motivational talk he delivered on resilience and reconnecting. His talk touched me so deeply that I sent him an SMS while he was still delivering the talk. I just had to talk to him. I had to reconnect. We set up our first session. His wisdom and grasp of my situation was encouraging. As he coached me to reconnect to the valuable person I actually am, I discovered his professionalism, his unfeigned care, and the passion he has for what he does. He is prepared to walk the extra mile. During our sessions he gently led me on the road to reveal the real me and rediscover my purpose for living and my value in this world. He introduced me to my own resilience. I will always remember his encouraging words, “don’t stumble over the rocks behind you”. I have never turned back. I am forever grateful Peter.”Roelof van Wyk

“Peter is a very knowledgeable HR specialist with regard to Organisational Development issues. His passion and attention to detail makes him one of the few practitioners who understands their role and the importance of conducting OD interventions. When I joined Kumba, Peter introduced me to the on-boarding process that focused on agreeing on non-negotiable value systems. I would recommend Peter to any organisation that takes OD seriously and values the well-being of their people.”Pheladi Serage

“Peter is an experienced and knowledgeable Recruitment Consultant. He has been the Recruitment Consultant for Kumba Projects to identify, interview and appoint key resources to a ramp up mega-programme, Project support office resources and currently assisting with the requirements of the company projects department restructure and major recruitment planning and process. Peter is solid in the application of HR Practices and knowledge of the prevailing labour law requirements. Peter does not hesitate to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues and will support his co-workers in their development and growth. He brings years of experience and knowledge to any organisation he actively participates in.”Don Sutton

“Having known Peter for quite a while as a respected, committed & professional person, I needed some personal & career guidance after a big operation & having had some time to rethink a few things. He guided me in a professional yet personal way that I felt opened new horizons for me in a few areas in my life. By asking very direct questions he expected answers. All was done in a soft and gentle but firm way, which led me to make the decisions I needed to make. He also provided a few good pointers along the way.”Suzette van Tonder

“Some people see business as a machine and the employees as cogs. Peter sees people. He has a holistic view that realises that every person is different and driven by work goals, personal dreams, and spiritual aspirations. He has an honest and unthreatening approach to help resolve difficult challenges in business organisations and on a personal one-on-one basis. I can highly recommend Peter’s services.”Timothy Solomon

“I have appointed Peter to set-up and run a variety of business ideas and/or division within H2R from 2010-2015. He has managed to create stability and implement sound management practices and processes for these divisions.”Francois Doman

“Peter worked in my team during 2013 and 2014 as a HR Specialist. Initially he was responsible for recruitment as we had to staff up the Projects department with about 80 people within an Employment Equity plan. He did an excellent job and was recognised for that on the Quarterly recognition function. Peter also put in place a leading edge on boarding system to on-board all the new employees. This system was also used as the basis for rolling out on boarding to the rest of the company. During 2014 he also took on the responsibility for Organisation Development (OD) and was trained on various team interventions and concentrated on improving team performance focusing on individual and team interventions. Peter is a self-starter and delivers work of a high quality and someone you can depend on.”Nico Meiring

Peter has done outstanding work during our extensive recruitment process early 2013 in our project execution structures. The on-boarding process which he developed made the transition of new recruits into the company very efficient. Regarding personal and team development he has played a key leading role to help individuals and teams to understand the whole brain thinking processes, develop team values and cultures to execute our projects effectively. He has added significant value to the human resources in our projects arena.” – Hakkies Griesel

“Peter is very professional in his approach, but at the same time caring and understanding. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the area of Human Resources. I will recommend Peter any day!”Zelda Nel

“Kreon decided to implement probation management and initially managed the probation period. The following problems were experienced:  Some personnel felt that the process was not impartial; and the personnel was not briefed properly regarding the purpose, benefits, and the process to be followed during the probation management period. Since 2011 Kreon contracted Peter to manage the probation period of every new employee. Since then the probation period of new employees are experienced positively and valuable by Kreon and the employees. Peter has a thorough probation management process that he follows, ensuring that the process can be followed regardless of a positive or negative probation outcome. The way Peter manages the probation provides ensure that the personnel feel positive towards the process.” Leon van Tonder

“I worked with Peter on a project to develop an on boarding process for Kumba Iron Ore. His ability to incorporate a diverse work group across operations to design a workable on boarding process was very impressive. He is a very versatile person that manages a project according to project schedule right up to project close-out. It was a privilege to work with Peter.”Tanya Roode


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